A Christmas tree farm
choose and cut Christmas trees
A Christmas tree farm...

Worthington Tree Farm, choose and cut Christmas trees

Hampton, Georgia


For over 40 years, Worthington Tree Farm customers have looked forward to that time of year when they gather as a family for the tradition of choosing and cutting their special Christmas tree. We have watched families grow through the years and now have many "second generation" families who make a trip to the farm a part of their Christmas.

We see several families every year on Thanksgiving Day who have the tradition of coming early to get their tree, enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, then together decorate the tree that evening.

The day of the UGA-Georgia Tech game is another special day - we hear lots of friendly exchanges about that rivalry...and we have UGA and Tech wreath bows in the Gourd Haus that are popular with football fans.

Another tradition is a family that travels from Florida and back each year for Thanksgiving, making a stop at the Worthington Tree Farm a part of their travel plans. We carefully load their tree for their trip back to Florida.

Probably the most memorable "long distance" customers came a few years ago. They lived in South Florida and decided they wanted their family to have a "farm experience", so they found us on the internet and decided to come to the farm. They loaded the family in an RV, drove all night, and arrived at the farm the next morning.

All the children helped choose the tree, and then spent the rest of the day playing on the haystack and running through the trees. After a late supper in the RV, they headed back home with several trees and happy memories of a day at the farm.

We'd love to hear your tree farm memory. Please share your story and pictures!