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A Christmas tree farm...

Worthington Tree Farm, choose and cut Christmas trees

Hampton, Georgia


NEW THIS YEAR Our new hours of operation have worked well for us, please note the new hours under FAQ'S.

THIS HAS BEEN A GOOD YEAR for growing trees. We had no extended periods of drought or excessive rainfall. We successfully grafted several hundred fir and most of these were used to replace those that we lost last year due to excessive rain. Tree growth was good; we got up to 2ft. of top growth in many of our young fir trees.

We will again have a few choose-and-cut fir trees available for sale; we expect to increase the number of fir available for choose-and-cut each year. We will have the usual supply of white pine, Virginia pine and various varieties of cypress for sale. We continue to have problems with needle blight in the Leyton Green cypress and did not TAG AND PRICE PART OF ONE FIELD, FIELD 3. Some of those trees are usable, if you find one you may cut it and we will measure and price it. We will have the usual number of pre-cut fraser fir from NC. All prices will be the same as in recent years.

GRAFTED ORNAMENTAL FIR: There are many selections of fir that have been named and are used strictly for landscaping. Some of these develop into large trees and are attractive because of foliage; many are miniature in growth habit and are useful in garden plantings. Let us know if you have an interest in fir for landscaping.

THERE WILL BE CHANGES in the future; there will be a decrease in the numbers of some varieties of trees available for choose-and-cut. Trees take several years to grow so these changes will occur over the next several years. Some of the varieties of cypress are subject to needle diseases that are difficult to control and these trees are therefore more expensive to grow. We planted several hundred grafted fir this past winter and plan to do so again this year. We expect to slowly increase the supply of choose-and-cut fir as we decrease the numbers of other varieties.

In addition to these changes, we will be downsizing our operation due to our increasing age. This will be our 43rd year of selling choose-and-cut trees. We will not be selling the farm but we are in the process of making some changes in management. We have a large number of families who have been coming here for many years and the farm has become an important part of their family Christmas celebration. We really do not want the farm to close.

Craft Barn You may have noticed that last year we had some changes in the craft barn. We opened the craft barn to outside vendors for the first time and had a nice collection of different items for gifts and Holiday decorations. This year we will again be inviting crafters to share their items for sale in the craft barn. Be sure to stop in and do your holiday and gift shopping! We will continue to have the usual good supply of fresh wreaths, garland, and other greenery items. We will also have handmade soaps, homemade Jams and Jellies, lighted glass blocks, Gourds, and other great handmade gifts.

THE TREES FOR TROOPS program continues to be a great success and much appreciated by military families. Over 175 trees were contributed by local farms and their customers and were shipped by Fed Ex from Brown's Christmas Tree Farm last year. The pick-up will be at Minter' Tree Farm on Hill's Bride Rd. in Fayette County this year. You may continue to contribute to this program either through our farm or by contacting www.treesfortroops.org and sending your contribution to the Christmas Spirit Foundation.

We look forward to seeing you this year!

The Worthington's