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A Christmas tree farm...

Worthington Tree Farm, choose and cut Christmas trees

Hampton, Georgia

Tree Types

Virginia Pine - The emergence of the choose-and-cut Christmas tree industry in the southeast was based largely on the Virginia pine. The needles of this tree are soft, sometimes twisted, and range in length from 1.5 to 3 inches in length. This tree has a pleasant pine fragrance and good needle retention

White Pine - The Eastern White Pine has been grown as a Christmas tree in the U.S. for many years. The needles of this tree are soft and flexible, blue green in color, and 2.5 to 5 inches in length. Needle retention is excellent. The White Pine has a mild pleasant fragrance.

The Leyland Cypress - is a relatively new selection as a Christmas tree and has completely replaced the Virginia pine on many choose-and-cut farms. There are many variations or varieties of this species and at least four are sometimes grown as Christmas trees. The most common is the Leighton Green. Other varieties are the Naylor Blue with blue green needles, Silver Dust with variegated needles, and the Castawellan with yellow needles at the tips of branches. All varieties have very soft needles and excellent needle retention.

The Fraser Fir - is a native to the higher elevations of western North Carolina and southwestern Virginia and cannot be grown successfully at lower elevations in the southeast. We buy pre-cut Fraser fir from farms in North Carolina for sale at our farm. This tree has short needles, strong branches, a pleasant aroma and excellent needle retention. The Fraser is a sub-species of the balsam fir and is similar to the balsam in appearance and aroma.

Carolina Sapphire -Is a light green foliage and a strong pleasant fragrance. The needles are a very light green and are ideal for heavier ornaments.