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A Christmas tree farm...

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Hampton, Georgia

Quality Pricing

"How do we grade the quality of Christmas trees?"

The price of our trees is based on size and quality. The United States Department of Agriculture offers guidelines to define quality. A top quality or premium tree will have a straight trunk, dense foliage on all sides, a good top, a handle adequate for mounting in a tree stand and will be free of disease and insect damage. The taper should be about 75% but this will vary depending on the variety of tree. Taper is determined by dividing the base width by the height, thus an 8' tree with a 75% taper will be 6' wide at the bottom. The next grade or number one will have good foliage on three sides with no other defects. Number two and utility trees will have several defects.

Price ranges vary depending on the variety of tree and tree size ranges can vary slightly from year to year depending upon summer rain volume. All trees are individually tagged with a price for your convenience.

Choose and Cut    (size ranges*)    (approximate price range)

Virginia Pine             to approx. 9 ft.         from $10.00
White Pine                to approx. 9 ft.         from $12.00
Cypress                    to approx. 10 ft.         from $15.00
*available sizes will change during the sales season due to the cutting of larger trees.


Fraser Fir                4 ft - 13ft            $25.00 - $200.00